1:1 Embodiment Coaching

Wanting to break free of the conditioned rule book of life into creating your dream filled manifestation of reality…but there is hold back, a tight attachment, riddled feelings of fear on how to do it or where to start…I’ve been there too. To be the initiator of your truth is to answer that which is whispering reminders to you from deep within. Through my coaching and healing containers you will reveal your truth to awaken your passion, heal your past and transform your future!

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I see you!

The depths of your desires come before the steps of your actions, in these containers you are guided and mirrored back those unconscious thoughts, beliefs and feelings that keep you bound and invite them into a space to be explored, expressed and liberated so you can rebuild.

Are you ready to reconnect with the sacred feminine within and rediscover your inner power? 

Are you ready to enliven your courage and make your dreams your reality?

Are you ready to discover your authentic expression and show up in the world knowing you are more than enough exactly as you are?

I’m here to guide you and support you along your journey. Whether you know your starting point, need direction, or are interested in exploring deeper in understanding how we can work together get in touch. 

It's the subtle shifts that you recognise over time of what once felt “impossible” suddenly becomes divinely possible.

From Fear to feminine freedom


embodiment coaching & energy healing

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Mentorship, Healing & Coaching

Awaken your inner passion, heal the binding shadows of the past and transform your present-day life to live wildly alive, authentically and free.

From Fear to Feminine Freedom is my signature 3 month 1:1 container with a multidimensional approach to your personal growth and evolvement aligned with your absolute birth right as a feminine sensual being to live life fully alive, in pleasure, joy and purpose.

Fearful, lost & disconnected. These states were once my guiding compass.

What’s your current compass? What internal state guides your day? Do you even truly know?


Perhaps you too resonate with these states:

• Having to have it all together all the time

• Masking yourself from your truth as an everyday form of protection

• Neglecting self for the appeasement of others

• Seeking others’ approval

• Holding a fear of being outcasted by societal standards

• Feeling unfulfilled and lifeless

• Burned out and exhausted

• Living life up to the expectations of how life ‘should’ be based on taught societal conditionings

As a result of this you:

• Suppress your interests, passions and life pleasures deeming them as unproductive and irrelevant

• Mould your expression to fit and follow the taught ‘rulebook’ of life

• Look for and listen to opinions and life advice from everyone and everything other than yourself

• Convince yourself that maybe this is just what life is, working hard to mask your truth and prove yourself as worthy in a highly masculine driven world where competition, hierarchal power and showing no emotion is valued and rewarded

• Focusing on doing life the so called ‘right way’ that you disregard and lose touch with ‘your way’

• Replay patterns of the wounded feminine, insecure, powerless, keeping yourself victimised and filled with shame around your body and deepest wants and desires
• Feel unworthy and undeserving of it all

Mind silenced, body numb, spirit suppressed

Trust me, you are not alone…I was here too, living solely in mental intellect and in total body neglect…

Deep down you hear her, your inner knowing, your feminine essence whispering: ‘You are meant for so much more.’ But the fear of the unknown is so overpowering that you consistently choose to ignore it, keeping yourself small, hidden and safe.

But, not anymore, you are here reading this for a reason…because you have had enough, you want to break free from the conditioned patterns and you are ready to discover, step into and embody you in your fullest potential and expression.

I was at that this same breaking point and now I am here to guide you…I too know you are meant for more and the gifts you may not even know you possess are in desperate need to be shared with the world. Within you lies your untapped feminine essence, your powerful, magnetic and creative force…let’s unleash her!

When overridden and driven by your inner masculine you become SO disconnected from your inner feminine.

This disconnection to our inner feminine is extremely common in both men and womxn alike because culturally the word ‘feminine’ throughout the years of ruling patriarchy has been so morphed to be a representation of negatively inflicted description that has made her feel unworthy, not enough and safer to be kept hidden and suppressed.

Have you ever been referred to as any of these terms? 

‘You are too emotional’

‘You are too unpredictable’

‘You are too sensitive’

‘You are too weak’ 

There is a deep-rooted conditioning of inferiority in womxn that has been passed on through generations and has resulted in a lot of womxn being unable to fully trust themselves, their choices and decisions, often looking for external validation and approval of how they choose to live their life, still subconsciously appeasing to expectations of the modern womxn living up to the standards required of them in a hyper-masculine world.

But it is the feminine that contains true non-linear freedom…the feminine is the unknown, the dark void for where creation can immerge, she is sensual in nature and the giver of life. Without the sacred union of our inner masculine and inner feminine life feels incomplete, imbalanced and just not whole.

When we try to fit into the societal expectation box or any illusive box we minimise and dim our own unique light and this is internally telling ourselves and feeding the narrative of we are not enough just as we truly are.  

“Damned if you do and damned if you don’t

so who cares, do you anyway."

This is one of my favourite mottos because nothing is going to be ‘right’ for everyone, not everyone is going to understand you, not everyone is going to resonate with you and not everyone is going to like you…and that’s OK!

What matters is that you know you, you love you and you knowing that you are enough in all that you are; From that place you become magnetic…

so within, so without…all you desire you attract.

I know you are worthy of it all, you are deserving of it all
but it requires your commitment; 

Developing your inner feminine

• Unlearning what you’ve been taught and modelled

• Embracing your wholeness in both your darkness and your light

• Healing and unravelling the deep layers of conditioning and generational patterns that keep you stuck, hidden and small

In order to create space to live in alignment with:

Your truest nature

• Your driving passion

• Your fullest expression

Your truth & wisdom

Your entire beautifully unique being to embody and own

And from this space everything else falls away…

• Trying to be something that you aren’t

• The over caring about how you will be received

• The need to mask who you truly are in the fear of judgment, rejection and ridicule

Instead, you’ll live life authentically, fearlessly and free!

Just imagine...

How would life look to live authentically, fearlessly and free?

What would you be doing differently?

Where would you be?

How would you feel?

Whose lives would you be impacting?

So, is this you right now?

Feeling lost, disconnected and like a part of you is missing?

Allowing the looming fears to keep you paralysed, stuck and hidden?

Living a life that is not in alignment with your passions, gifts and purpose?

Know that you are meant for so much more but the layers of conditioning are so thick that you dim your inner light?

Disconnected from your intuition, body wisdom and inner feminine energy?

Craving freedom in your expression, life and business?

Walk with me sister...

You know there is more to life but just don’t know where or how to start

You are in need of non-judgemental, unbiased support, a truly safe container to reconnect, rediscover, and explore your inner feminine

Remember how to trust your intuition and inner wisdom in order to create and attract all you desire in this lifetime

Heal your generational cycles along the way to not only transform your entire life for the benefit of you but for the benefit of those around you and those that will come after you.

Together we will alchemise your life:

You will explore and discover your hidden truths, wisdom and intuitive nature through cultivating a deep connection with your body.

I will share with you modalities and personal practices that can be done to create and maintain your connection with self and feminine essence

Heighten your awareness to recognise when you choose fear over love so you can reclaim your power and choose again

You will safely deep dive into the depths of your darkness to be seen, heard and liberated creating space to be reborn in embodying your highest light!  

Through energetic healing we will clear generational patterns, cut any necessary cords that are holding you back, remove any energetic blockages that may be keeping you from living up to your full potential and retrieve lost soul parts for a return of wholeness and balance.

You will cultivate a deeper relationship with your undeveloped feminine, awaken your passion and sensual nature to bring more pleasure and ease into your everyday life.

Cultivate feminine magnetism as the game-changer of your life…so within, so without…

You are worthy of it all, you are deserving of it all but it requires your commitment, are you ready?

Let me guide you...

I will guide and share practices with you that changed my life and those of my clients, these include:

✓ Feminine Embodiment Practices

✓ Commitment to self-care & daily ritual

✓ Self-healing & how to protect your energy

✓ Inner Seasons & Cycle Wisdom / Moon Magick

✓ Shamanic Drum Journey’s for insight & spiritual guidance

✓ Integration process


And more…


Watch this episode of a conversation with a past client of mine who journeyed in my 3-month container. The transformations she has created are incredible stepping into living out our purpose-led life!

journeys on offer

How we can work together

spiritual hands illustration - one to one energy healing


A 75 minute 1:1 coaching session for deep connection, clarity and transformation.

Personal investment: £95.00

OR x3 Sessions: £260 (used over 6 weeks)

Are you ready to start living a life of expansion, passion and freedom?


spiritual guide illustration - one to one coaching


✓ x 3 75 minute 1:1 coaching session for deep connection, clarity and transformation.

✓ x 2 Remote Energy Healing Sessions  (Shamanic Healing & Reiki Healing)

✓ Life-time access to The Embodied Awakening 28-day programme (this is life changing in itself)

✓ 2-months free access into The Calling 

(online membership)

✓ In between support Mon-Fri 9-5pm via Voxer

Personal investment: £1333 (8-weeks)

spiritual awakening illustration - spiritual awakening programme


Signature 3-month container coaching, healing and mentorship

✓ 60-minute deep enquiry & intention setting

✓ x12 75 min. coaching sessions via Zoom

✓ x 4  60 min. Energy Healing Sessions

✓ Lifetime access to Embodied Femme Awakening 28-Day Programme

✓ Lifetime access to The Way of the Sacred Feminine online course

✓ Menstrual/Moon Cycle Awareness Webinar

✓ Shamanic Drum Journey’s for insight & spiritual guidance

✓ In between support Mon-Fri 9-5pm on Voxer

✓ 3-month access into The Calling 

(online membership)

✓ x1 60 min. Closing Ritual 

Personal investment: £4,444  (3 months)
Francesca Raffa - Feminine Freedom Healer

Francesca | Feminine freedom healer

I'm so glad you're here...

I guide womben to awaken their passion, heal their past and transform their present.

I’m Francesca, a curious explorer, freedom lover and a deeply passionate soul here to be of divine service in contributing to the ascension of our beautiful planet, becoming the change we want to see in the world. And that change starts with you!

I believe that we all have a divine purpose for our incarnation, we all contain deep rooted lineages of wisdom held within every cell of our body and we all have a yearning for balance, wholeness & unconditional love.

Come with me on a journey, and let me guide you in discovering your inner wild to live authentically, fearlessly and free.

Frequently asked questions

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation, it is derived from deep rooted tradition found in cultures around the world from ancient times up to the present day.

Shamanic healing is a form of energy healing that consists of a combination of traditional shamanic techniques that combines the use of sacred tools (drum, rattle, crystals, stones) and intuitive channeled insight and healing that aims to remove blockages that may be keeping you from living up to your full potential and retrieve lost soul parts for a return of wholeness and balance.

Reiki, pronounced Rey-Key, is made of two Japanese words – ‘Rei’ which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and ‘Ki’ which is “life force energy.” Reiki is a form of complementary therapy relating to energy healing. It works with the energy fields around the body and involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner’s palms to the client.

There are many different forms of energy healing modalities but broadly speaking it is any form of practice which works on the subtle flow of energy throughout the body, to help restore health (both mental and physical) and a sense of balance. Energy healing is known as the original form of medicine with evidence of this complementary/alternative therapy dating back to 1,500 BC.

We are all connected in a web of life that quantum physics calls the ‘unified field’ with no existence of time and space. This allows for distant healing sessions to be just as effective without the need for physical presence. Some clients prefer distant healing sessions purely for the comfortability of being in their own home. Alternatively, if you are wanting to receive a more fuller experience within a created safe and sacred space then an in-person session would be more suitable.

The feeling sensation varies from client to client but you may expect to feel deeply relaxed during the session. It is likely that random thoughts and emotions may pop up for your own awareness, you may even daydream or fall into a light sleep. It is common to feel hot or cold sensations in the body as well as an internal tingling or drawing of energy. There is no need to be alarmed by any of these felt sensations and it is advisable to focus on your breathing and remain open to receive throughout the session.

Light codes are  energetic patterns or frequencies of information that carry spiritual wisdom and healing energy. These codes are embedded in the fabric of the universe. As a light code channeller I awaken and activate your dormant codes to facilitate spiritual growth, expand consciousness, and promote healing on all levels—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Activating these codes is often seen as a way to connect with higher levels of awareness. levels of awareness and divine guidance.

If this is your first private session, you will be required to fill in a health questionnaire. Please avoid drinking any alcohol at least 24 hours prior to your session. You will want to wear comfortable clothing during the session and be prepared to discuss your healing needs to be explored.

The answer to this varies from person to person. We are all unique in our blueprints and this would need to be evaluated after an initial session. There is no obligation for more sessions, however, if there is a particular deep rooted issue it may require more than one session. Some clients like to have regular sessions as a maintenance for their own wellbeing.

Feminine embodiment coaching uses the 4 tools of feminine embodiment practices awareness, movement, breath and sound to help you access deeper threads of truth, invited to be expressed and liberated to gain access to your own internal clarity and wisdom that will guide and move you forward towards your purpose.


The principle is depth first direction second – having the solid foundation and exploration of the feminine ‘flow’ in order to drive forward with the masculine ‘go’. A beautiful dance of exploration in a safe container, gently guided and prompted through questions that welcome in and invite a deeper intimate connection with self that subtly creates the shifts needed for sustainable actions to take place. 

Embodiment coaching is where I guide you safely into feeling into your body to access deeper truths and release unprocessed stuck emotion through feeling and expressing.

Spiritual mentorship sessions include sacred teachings, soul readings, channelling, energy clearings and activations.

Work with Francesca

“We must visit the dark void to experience a living rebirth of light”

Ready to re-wild with me?