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mEN & WOMEN'S circle

sacred shamanic sound healing + light codes

Music and sound are powerful medicines that have been used throughout ancient civilisations to heal ailments and to improve health and wellbeing.

In sacred ceremony the use of traditional shamanic tools such as sacred smoke,  rattles, shamanic drum, chimes and intuitively channeled chanting are used to envelop our body and aura with healing vibrations to clear blocked energy and reach a state of equilibrium, feeling a higher sense of peace and purpose in life.

With direct intention and a guided shamanic drum journey we reach altered states of consciousness to access our own source of wisdom to reveal answers, insight and guidance on questions we seek. 

What’s included:

  • Open sacred space
  • Individual Aura cleanse
  • Shamanic Drum Journey + channeled chanting
  • Group energy healing + Light Code Activation
  • Closing sacred space

Women and men from all walks of life, faiths, beliefs and backgrounds are welcome to unite, share, learn and grow. Please wear comfortable clothing and warm layers, you may also wish to bring a journal and pen.

Any questions in regards to this event please email Francesca at

women's half day retreat

sister's of the rose

The Rose holds the wisdom and forgotten mysteries of the female aspect of Christ Consciousness known as Sophia, Mother of the Universe, Love, She is rising in the birthing of a New Earth in unity consciousness.

As one of the most ancient flowers known to planet Earth the Rose has been used in symbolism all throughout history. The rose is blooming once again in spreading the seeds of her teachings, of the deep feminine way.

Join me for an intimate circle where we will unlock the rose codes within you, and remember your deep seeded essence of who you are and came here to be. The Rose has a beautiful teaching of gently unraveling the layers and through working with this plant we can harness the qualities of self-love, compassion and forgiveness to soften the armor of the past and step gracefully forward into our future. 

What’s included:

  • Rose Tea Ceremony 
  • Sharing Rose Teachings
  • Activating Rose Codes 
  • Embodied movement
  • Intimately connecting with the Rose in oneness with your own essence 
  • Creating art or piece of creative writing of the unique lessons the Rose has for you
  • Sacred Water Ritual (on the River Thames)

Sisters of the Rose, come and gather to remember the ancient ways.

Any questions in regards to this event please email Francesca at

Women's Circle

Unleash your sensual expression

Sensuality is our birthright; moments of slowness, presence, and tuning into our inner world are imperative for deep connection and embodied living.


As women, we have been taught to suppress our sensual nature, this deep seeded shame disconnects us from our true source of creative expression and sense of self. We yearn to heal this and reconnect with our truth, our power, and our vitality to know it is safe to be in the fullness of all that you are.


Awakening to our internal felt senses creates the safety for emotion to be explored, expressed, and liberated to integrate all facets of self increasing feelings of acceptance and pleasure and decreasing self-consciousness and shame.


Women from all walks of life are welcome to express their sensual nature, you will be guided through embodied movement to experience a beautiful dance between our outer and inner worlds; feeling alive, returning home, and becoming whole.


Please note that this is a women-only event.

Any questions in regards to this event please email Francesca at

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Past Events

Sensual Awakening

Tea Ceremony & Sensual Embodied Movement at the Mandrake Hotel, London

Connect with Self

A 4-week programme in collab with GoInspire

Spring Equinox Retreat

Glastonbury 18-20th March 2022

International Women's Day sister circle

At Good Hotel, E16 08/03/22

Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Mind-Body Ready for 2022 : Release & Manifest

online via zoom on 21/12/2021

Sacred Sisterhood Circle with Iman

At Life Centre Islington

Women's Circle Events in Surbiton Surrey

Half Day Retreat for Mind, Body & Spirit : Intention Setting for 2022!

At Alcheme Wellbeing in Surbiton 23/01/2022

Tie & Tea with Crystal Sound Bath

At The Mandrake Hotel - 28/07/2021

Full & New Moon Ceremonies

Online via zoom multiple recurring events