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Free Your Soul

1:1 Privately Held Ceremony

Freedom is the very essence of your soul 

This is your true nature and essence of who you are and came here to be

Are you feeling like something is missing in your life and you just can’t seem to put your finger on what it is?


Unsure of why you still feel unfulfilled even though you may have achieved all you set yourself out to achieve? 


Do you feel a deep desire to connect with the truth and depths of who you are in order to feel whole?


Do you yearn to come home to self and activate your freedom within to fall into the safety to live life in the now, to express all of who you are and to live authentically aligned? 


I know what it feels like to be living life the way you ‘think’ you should and neglecting the parts of you that make life worth living deeming them as unimportant, unproductive and unprofitable.

I even spent many years in a profession I had convinced myself I needed to be in and always felt I was in an battle with who I truly was (inner world) and who I thought I had to be to fit in with the outer world…but to avoid all uncomfortability in feeling this battle I’d be constantly ‘doing’ to only distract, silence and negate my inner world even further.

What I was battling with was  the noise of my unhealed limited rational mind that was SO loud, the fear was SO overpowering that continued to keep me in the unconscious loop of repeating patterns…playing small, staying victimised and disempowered VS the voice of my soul in the quiet depths of my being that knew my purpose, mission and reason for incarnation who knew I was meant for so much more.

See, it is your inner world that is the foundation from which you create your life, what is happening on the inside is projecting on the outside – it is only through our connection to our inner world that we can begin to louden the whispers of your soul connected to your deepest desires and purpose. 

disconnected mind, body & soul

The problem with our world today is that it is severely lacking soul as a result of a major disconnection to our natural world and our primordial Great Mother (Earth). 

Everything about our lives and society is constructed to distract us from connecting with the deepest parts of ourselves, our souls.

We are conditioned to live in a way that is structured, robotic and controlled that is focused on productivity and materialism. Forcefully penetrating life (masculine) rather than curiously exploring its depths (feminine)…there is very little balance and we battle within ourselves to find this balance, but it doesn’t have to be a battle?

Its the souls journey to learn universal values like love and faith through its experience in physical form and you have a  choice to align your mind, body & soul in order to consciously make decisions that align with the purpose of your soul and it is here you realise the interconnectedness of everything.

To live a soul-led life is to lead a life in communion with your soul which knows no bounds, no limitations and no dictations and your soul yearns to be freed and embodied to fully live and experience life in its physical form so it can fulfil its calling of lessons in this lifetime (can you feel this call?)

time to return soul calling

Our ancient ancestors knew of the importance that came with honouring the Earth and themselves as part of the integral whole, they knew that there was spirit in all things and how to live life in ritual for there is great power we hold as human beings and this comes with great responsibility; we are a physical manifestation of energy – the bridge between heaven and earth where spirit meets matter.

As soul beings we hold energetic imprints (from past lives and our ancestors) as we know, everything starts on an energetic level first before it reaches physical manifestation therefore the more aware you are of your energy bodies (soul body) the more you can understand that your outer reality as a projection of your inner world. 

To give yourself time, space and reverence to meet with your soul is to also meet with the depths of your truth, desires and visions…it’s sensual experience from all spectrums from pain to pleasure and FEELING into knowing, into being, into seeing here you recognise where you’ve unconsciously been holding your soul captive and imprisoned and consciously give it room to be freed. 

The importance of soul-work gives meaning and purpose to life and your birthright as a powerful being here to be the creatress of your reality and you can have FUN doing it. 


This is why I’ve created a brand new offering Free Your Soul which is a 3.5-4 hour session in  sacred ceremony that takes you into the very depths of your soul coming into body and being.

You are invited to be in devotional ceremony with yourself through the following guided practices and rituals that awakens the remembrance of your soul:

  • Tea Ceremony (heart opener)
  • Sensual Embodied Movement 
  • Womb Awakening (Initiation to the 13th Munay-ki rite of the womb)
  • Communing with the spirit of drum + rattles 
  • Shamanic Healing + Blessing 
  • Work with the 4 elements (air, fire, water, earth) through sacred rituals

What’s included:
– Initial Consultation + Intention for Ceremony
– All of the above practices & Hands on Energy Healing
– Healthy Snacks + Light bites
– Deep Soul Connection 

The finer details

What are the benefits of receiving a Free your soul 1:1 ceremony

There are many benefits of a private ceremony the main purpose is to devote yourself to yourself, drop into your inner world and enliven the voice held deep within your being – the voice of your soul for wisdom, truth and guidance

  • Feel deeply held, embraced, loved and accepted in a cultivated safe ceremonial space
  • Honour and devote yourself to yourself and therefore life itself
  • Express yourself through the language of the soul: vibrational frequency + embodied movement
  • A space to be in your full expression to be seen and held – to heal, feel and be 
  • Open your mind through your felt experience to shift your perspectives from what you think you know and drop into deeper depths of your very own held wisdom that will guide you in the here and now
  • To come into the remembrance of all that you are and came here to be 
  • To awaken to your purpose and passion as an impactful part of the collective whole
  • To deepen your connection and return back to nature for healing and guidance 
  • Nourish your mind, body & soul coming into wholeness with self
  • Work with the elements (air, fire, water, earth) in ritual for assisting you in your soul-work
  • Receive healing from spirit of the drum + rattles 

Personal Investment

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Frequently asked questions

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation, it is derived from deep rooted tradition found in cultures around the world from ancient times up to the present day.

Shamanic healing is a form of energy healing that consists of a combination of traditional shamanic techniques that combines the use of sacred tools (drum, rattle, crystals, stones) and intuitive channeled insight and healing that aims to remove blockages that may be keeping you from living up to your full potential and retrieve lost soul parts for a return of wholeness and balance.

Reiki, pronounced Rey-Key, is made of two Japanese words – ‘Rei’ which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and ‘Ki’ which is “life force energy.” Reiki is a form of complementary therapy relating to energy healing. It works with the energy fields around the body and involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner’s palms to the client.

There are many different forms of energy healing modalities but broadly speaking it is any form of practice which works on the subtle flow of energy throughout the body, to help restore health (both mental and physical) and a sense of balance. Energy healing is known as the original form of medicine with evidence of this complementary/alternative therapy dating back to 1,500 BC.

We are all connected in a web of life that quantum physics calls the ‘unified field’ with no existence of time and space. This allows for distant healing sessions to be just as effective without the need for physical presence. Some clients prefer distant healing sessions purely for the comfortability of being in their own home. Alternatively, if you are wanting to receive a more fuller experience within a created safe and sacred space then an in-person session would be more suitable.

The feeling sensation varies from client to client but you may expect to feel deeply relaxed during the session. It is likely that random thoughts and emotions may pop up for your own awareness, you may even daydream or fall into a light sleep. It is common to feel hot or cold sensations in the body as well as an internal tingling or drawing of energy. There is no need to be alarmed by any of these felt sensations and it is advisable to focus on your breathing and remain open to receive throughout the session.

Light codes are  energetic patterns or frequencies of information that carry spiritual wisdom and healing energy. These codes are embedded in the fabric of the universe. As a light code channeller I awaken and activate your dormant codes to facilitate spiritual growth, expand consciousness, and promote healing on all levels—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Activating these codes is often seen as a way to connect with higher levels of awareness. levels of awareness and divine guidance.

If this is your first private session, you will be required to fill in a health questionnaire. Please avoid drinking any alcohol at least 24 hours prior to your session. You will want to wear comfortable clothing during the session and be prepared to discuss your healing needs to be explored.

The answer to this varies from person to person. We are all unique in our blueprints and this would need to be evaluated after an initial session. There is no obligation for more sessions, however, if there is a particular deep rooted issue it may require more than one session. Some clients like to have regular sessions as a maintenance for their own wellbeing.

Feminine embodiment coaching uses the 4 tools of feminine embodiment practices awareness, movement, breath and sound to help you access deeper threads of truth, invited to be expressed and liberated to gain access to your own internal clarity and wisdom that will guide and move you forward towards your purpose.


The principle is depth first direction second – having the solid foundation and exploration of the feminine ‘flow’ in order to drive forward with the masculine ‘go’. A beautiful dance of exploration in a safe container, gently guided and prompted through questions that welcome in and invite a deeper intimate connection with self that subtly creates the shifts needed for sustainable actions to take place. 

Embodiment coaching is where I guide you safely into feeling into your body to access deeper truths and release unprocessed stuck emotion through feeling and expressing.

Spiritual mentorship sessions include sacred teachings, soul readings, channelling, energy clearings and activations.