Day 7: Pelvic Awakening

The pelvic floor is so much more than we think it is and it is deeply rooted and connected to female spirituality. Anatomically the pelvic bowl together with the sacrum and coccyx surround our pelvic floor muscles that provides support for the intestines, bladder and internal sexual organs; where our beautiful womb resides. Energetically speaking […]

Day 6: Feel to Heal

In today’s practice we are going to really embody what it means to ‘feel to heal.’ You can talk, understand, acknowledge, forgive and even mentally ‘let go’ of your pain and still avoid feeling it. It isn’t until you allow yourself to truly feel your pain that it will be able to move through you. […]

Day 4: Spiral Breathing

The spiral is nature’s favoured form for the transmission of its energy, radiating out and drawing in simultaneously, infinitely and eternally. Spiral energy fields are all around us and within us patterning our very existence, from microcosm to macrocosm, determining structures from the tiny vortices of subatomic particles and the DNA molecule to the awesome […]

Day 3: Spinal Undulations

Our spine is our body’s central support structure, it is designed to protect our spinal cord. The spinal cord is a column of nerves that connects your brain with the rest of your body, allowing you to control your movements. Without a spinal cord, you could not move any part of your body, and your […]

Day 2: Sacred Chakra Breathing

Chakras are a complex and ancient energy system that originated in India, they were first mentioned in the Vedas, ancient sacred texts of spiritual knowledge dating from 1500 to 1000 BC. The word ‘chakra’ in Sanskrit means ‘wheel’ and refers to energy points in our body that correspond with nerves, major organs and areas of […]

Day 1: Grounding

Divine Goddess, it’s day 1 and it is time to get deeply grounded and rooted into your beautiful body, your temple, your spirits vessel.  Grounding also means to be in the body. Dissociation from our body is a common survival response to trauma and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) especially when traumatised as children. This […]

Sacred Space & Intention Setting

Welcome to The Embodied Awakening 28 Day Programme, thank you for showing up ready to emerge yourself in reconnecting with your body to awaken the feminine within to access deeper wisdom. By entering on this journey, you have made a commitment for the next 28 days to show up for a series of daily embodiment […]