Guest Expert Masterclass: Natalie – EFT for SELF-WORTH

Online via Zoom: Tuesday 28th May at 7-8pm (BST)

EFT: Self-Worth

Natalie is a somatic practitioner who combines the several different tools she has acquired over the many years to help people gain a clearer understanding of themselves and release the shackles of their past by healing their inner child and bringing their shadows to light.

In her sessions she incorporates her knowledge of EFT, Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, Energy Work and Hypnotic Inner Child Work.

During this event we will dive into our self worth, using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT | Tapping) and hypnotic Inner Child work. We will tap into very old subconscious beliefs we might have about ourselves that are holding us back from believing we are worthy and capable of achieving and having the things we want in life, whether that is; pursuing our passions; finding a loving partner; attracting abundance; or simply feeling at peace.

Connect with Natalie via Instagram: nata_montoya


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