Guest Expert Masterclass: Lola – Fairy Magik for Self-Expression

Online via Zoom: Tuesday 25th June (7-8pm BST)

Guest EXPERT in THE CALLING: LOLA – Fairy Magik for self-expression

An Evening with Fairy Magik. Enter the realm of Avalon and discover the magik of the Fairies and connect to the elements.
This workshop is an introduction to Avalon & Fairy Magik, how to use it in your daily life, work with the fairies and why
Avalon holds one of the strongest connections to Self-Expression. The workshop includes a deep meditation into the fairy realm
and more magikal rituals to enhance your spiritual practice and self-discovery

Lola Wolff (She/They) is a nonbinary author, actor, artist and mentor for Self-Expression and Spirituality living in London.
Raised and grown in a herbal witches household they found their way to magik in their teenage years and ever
since expanded their wisdom in all facets spirituality has to offer. Their most passionate calling lies in the realm of
Nordic Spirituality and Fairy/Avalonian Magik. Lola has the vision to empower people to become their most unapologetic
self and shed layers of identity to help people express the deepest truth of their experience on earth.


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