Guest Expert Masterclass: Yasmin – Embodied Seductress Archetype (non-members of The Calling)

Online via Zoom (inside The Calling membership) Tuesday 28th November 8.30-9.30pm (UK time)

Yasmin Rose is a Shadow Alchemist Coach for Women

Yasmin has a passion for guiding women into revealing their power through diving deep into their shadow and leaning into their darker aspects and alchemising them into gifts

Her program Black Mirror is a journey into the embodiment dark feminine archetypes which is where Where each week we explore one particular thread through embodiment and mirror work to a specific playlist that activates the energy of that archetype and you can activate the gifts of that archetype and alchemise the particular shadows that thread holds

Everybody has these archetypal energies within them but through conditioning, trauma and societal programming they can become repressed along with their gifts

Yet the shadows can still run havoc causing chaos; when you dare to look deep into the mirror you then get to choose how you direct those shadows into a more empowering way

In this session we will be playing with the seductress archetype who is juicy for the activation of magnetism, mystery and playfulness

Whether your wanting to dial up your magnetism as a coach to increase your sales or spice up your love life or amplify your manifestation powers teasing your desires towards you, bringing the power of the seductress into your life is magic in all aspects as you allows you to reclaim your inner magnetic tease 🖤 🪞

What to bring:

– Journal and Pen
– Tea and/or Water
– Wear something that for you symbolises your Inner Seductress

Connect with Yasmin via Instagram: @iamyasminrose


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