Halloween Fire & Cacao Ceremony Honouring our Ancestors


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We all have ancestors, some of which are the source of great blessings and protection. Whilst others repel us with their legacy of injustice, abuse, and suffering. Either way they carry some of the roots to our present day unhealthy patterns, beliefs and traumas.


We carry these burdens from our ancestral line deep within our body (our wombs), they are imprinted in our DNA and blood line. It isn’t until we choose to heal the line of the past that we can break free of behavioral patterns and traumatic wounding and help stop them passing on to future generations.


Through a blessed ritual, direct intention and a guided shamanic drumming and icaro chanting we reach altered states of consciousness to move through the timelines to meet with our ancestors and receive an ancestral healing to transmute and release us from the negative imprinting.


What’s included:

  • Open sacred space
  • Ancestral Offering
  • Individual Aura cleanse
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Cacao Ritual
  • Drumming & Icaros (chanting)
  • Closing sacred space
Co-created with Marjorie Genest

Women and men from all walks of life, faiths, beliefs and backgrounds are welcome to unite, share, learn and grow. Please wear comfortable clothing and warm layers, you may also wish to bring a journal and pen.