Monthly Live Healing Transmissions & Light Code Activation

Time & Date: Thursday 15th December at 7pm (GMT)
Online via Zoom
Focus: TBC

*FREE for members inside THE CALLING

Monthly live 60-minute healing transmissions and light code activations that are themed with intention and also tune into the collective energy of the group present.

In these sessions you open yourself up to receive the energetic healing transmission as I channel live the messages that are coming through for us collectively as a group in real-time.

The intention for these sessions can help balance the recipient’s energy, alleviate physical or emotional discomfort, and promote overall well-being and further clarity to one’s sense of self and direction.

*What is Light Code Channelling?

I tap into higher frequencies or dimensions of consciousness to receive and transmit information in the form of symbolic codes, symbols, or energetic frequencies referred to as “light codes.” Light codes are believed to be encoded information or energy patterns that contain wisdom, healing, or transformative qualities. These codes are said to exist on higher vibrational levels of existence.


Please note* Upon payment you will receive a separate email with the zoom link details and you will also be sent the recording of the session.


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