Guest Expert Masterclass: Alexia – Move 2 iMprove

Online via Zoom: Tuesday 30th July (7-8pm BST)

Guest EXPERT in THE CALLING: Alexia – Move 2 iMprove


Move 2 iMprove, offers an ecstatic & transformational dance journey.
Move to improve your spiritual, mental and physical health through dance and movement.
The offering I have for you is a quantum leap through journalling and visioning to your future self, dance to release all the stagnant trapped energy and trauma from your vessel to the funkiest and most uplifting 90’s house music, EFT tapping affirmations, goddess activation through music and an angelic card offering to complete the cycle.
Come and dance with me while we heal and affirm into yourself what it is we truly are.


Goddess Alexia, CEO & director, Angelic Priestess, Shamanic & Sound healer & Transformational dance journey facilitator. I have travelled around the world to gain knowledge and experience in many different cultures, this has enabled me to delve deep into many practices innerstanding the way in which different cultures heal each other and the practices they use to hold space for the divine and masculine energies. I have been teaching dance for over 30 years and I have brough all my modalities into one workshop to create an experience and journey that is like no other. Come and dance and heal with me.


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