The Calling

Where women come home to self in 
wholeness, balance & heart 

Together we heal. Together we rise!

The Calling is your online sanctuary to awaken, heal and transform through combined Sacred Feminine and Shamanic teachings. 

A space to be in a like-minded community that supports and holds you through this journey we call life. 

Because when women come together we find our voices, we mirror each others light and we remember our power! 

*Monthly subscription with no obligation, you can cancel anytime by letting me know via email: hello@francescaraffa.com

 Words from sisters that have joined The Calling: 

“I’ve been pulled to join this community because I am seeking to answer a deeper call in my heart that I have neglected and pushed down for my adult life, which has caused so much disembodiment, suffering and existing in a isolation, panic and survival mode. 

I find this space like a warm memory that helps me access how I want to be and show up for myself. The embodiment practices help me with presence and tuning in, so that my day can start in connection and remembrance. 

I also use this to expand my knowledge and perspective around certain topics so I can get deeper into why I am here and how I can serve. 

I have been shut off for so long and am slowly pulling myself out of darkness and numbing, by using these tools to reconnect and discover what truly speaks to me and will help me to heal.” – N.W


‘I’ve joined this space to continue working on my growth and expanding my knowledge and awareness. I really appreciate the practices and the guidance you share, as it opens new perspectives in me and allows me to go deeper. It feels inspiring and reassuring to be able to connect with you and the ladies in this space’ – O.S

What you’ll receive: 

 Sister, imagine this…

✓ Deepening your connection with yourself
✓ Revealing and integrating hidden truths
✓ Tapping into your divine feminine wisdom
✓ Accessing and embodying your authentic expression
✓ Reclaiming your power and protecting your energy
✓ Healing through limiting beliefs, generational trauma and deep rooted conditioning
✓ Immersing yourself in teachings of the Sacred Feminine and Shamanism
✓ Aligning your life with heart-led truths & desires
✓ Transforming your life inside and out
✓ Receiving channelled activations to expand your light body to live in alignment with your highest vibration
✓ Being a part of a sisterhood community that enriches you with a sense of belonging, and knowing you are never alone! 

Womben can you feel The Calling…

It’s a subtle sensation of knowing that there is a way more beyond what you think you know.

A niggle that nudges you and comes forward every now and again…

A felt sense there is more of you to explore, to embody, to become.

This is your spirit, your true essence, and she is calling you to let her in.

I see so many womben doing incredible things but still feeling unfulfilled, still feeling like something is missing and still suppressing their divine power! I know this feeling well and this was my calling…to remember, to reclaim and to reframe my life in alignment with who I truly am, not who I thought I should be.

This takes courage to unravel, unlearn and break free…but you wouldn’t be here reading this if you didn’t have the courage, I see you and you are more than ready to take the leap in awakening and owning your power that you so deeply know you possess…together we heal, together we rise!

What you’ll receive: 

Monthly Energy Update + Oracle Card 

I will share an in depth energy update for each month this is an overview of what we can expect and where to direct our focus and energy, with journal questions, monthly themes and shared practices. I will also pull and Oracle Card for the month for further insight. These are live or pre-recorded during the first week of every month.  This is your opportunity to have a personal response from me in regards to a question, or situation you are moving through and would like some intuitive guidance. Questions can also be submitted through either the membership portal or the Telegram Group.

Weekly Embodiment Practice

A weekly live or pre-recorded embodiment practice. We check in and get grounded and rooted into our bodies. Through this regular practice, we cultivate safety within ourselves to tune into the sensations of our inner world for our own sense of awareness and ability to be fully in the present.

Monthly 60 min. Healing Transmission & Light Code Activation

A 60 minute healing transmission and light code activation every month where the topics will flow depending on the energies of what is moving through the collective each month and at that point in time.

Guest Expert Workshops

Guest expert workshops and masterclasses will be live and recorded to expand your awareness and further support your healing  and wellbeing. 

Community Sisterhood Telegram Group

Be a part of a sisterhood that supports and holds you in full acceptance for who you are and empower you to be more of all that you are in your authentic expression, in your sovereignty and in your wholeness. Together we heal, together we rise. 

Bonus Gatherings on potent energy days of the year


A 60-90 minute gathering on potent days f the year. The turning points of the seasons at Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. These practices will vary from guided meditation, spiritual activations, energy
healing to movement medicine all to support in
offering moments of calm, restoring our energy, self-soothing, reflection, releasing and setting new intentions and simply just
being as we return to all parts of self. 

Client love

Your Investment: 


✓ Access to library of resources
✓ Live weekly embodiment practices
✓ Live Monthly masterclass 
✓ Live Monthly Women’s Circle
✓ Monthly Energy Update
✓ Access to Sisterhood Community via Telegram
*Please note you can join at anytime and should you wish to cancel for any reason please let me know via email: hello@francescaraffa.com
6-month access
✓ 1:1 Introductory call (45 mins)
✓ The Way of the Sacred Feminine
(pre-recorded 4-week immersion)
✓ Access to library of resources
✓ Live weekly embodiment practices
✓ Live Monthly masterclass 
✓Monthly Energy Update
✓ Live Monthly Women’s Circle
✓ Access to Sisterhood Community via Telegram
*Please note by making the payment of £199 now you are paying for a 6-month pass from date you joined. You will be alerted by email when your access is up for renewal at your choice.
Francesca Raffa - Feminine Freedom Healer

Francesca | Feminine freedom healer

I'm so glad you're here...

I guide women to awaken their passion, heal their past and transform their present.

I’m Francesca, a curious explorer, freedom lover and a deeply passionate soul here to be of divine service in contributing to the ascension of our beautiful planet, becoming the change we want to see in the world. And that change starts with you!

I believe that we all have a divine purpose for our incarnation, we all contain deep rooted lineages of wisdom held within every cell of our body and we all have a yearning for balance, wholeness & unconditional love.

Come with me on a journey, and let me guide you in discovering your inner wild to live authentically, fearlessly and free.


The Calling