Choose Love Not Fear

There are only two primary emotions, love and fear. When you are not choosing love, you are choosing fear, and vice versa…the two cannot co-exist, they are opposites and cannot be felt at exactly the same time.

We as a collective have been conditioned to have an automatic fear response that is derived from our direct environment. We are continuously presented with negative news from external sources, this then plants a seed in our psyche on how we respond to situations in our lives, distrusting and undermining our inner truth and knowing.

What does it mean to choose fear? The majority of us do not even realise that we do. (for years I did not have a clue that I was). When we are unconsciously choosing fear we fall into this mentality that life happens to us. There may be an underlying limiting belief that our wants and desires in life are just fantastical dreams and aren’t ‘reality.’ The self-critic talk comes out to play saying things such as: “you aren’t good enough” or “who do you think you are to do that” or “you won’t succeed.”

Hands up, who has had this voice say these things to them?

Hands up, who has listened to this voice and believed it to be true?

The truth is a lot of us would have said yes to the above questions. The real difference between choosing fear over love lies in that second question…if you take what that inner voice is saying at face value then you will automatically respond from fear. But, if there is just even the tiniest ounce of you that questions the truth of that voice…then you have reclaimed control and can choose to respond from love.

How can you show a love response to that inner critic of ‘fear’ that keeps you stuck? Firstly, by acknowledging and accepting your imperfections as a human, showing yourself compassion that you are doing the best you can. When you are presented with what may seem like struggles in the moment, take a step back and look at the grand perspective…instead of falling into a ‘victimhood’ mindset around the struggles choose to look at them as opportunities for change and growth (because that is exciting!). When you find yourself comparing yourself to another that feeds your irrational fear-based stories, remember to send love and appreciation to that other person for they are a reflection of you. Understand that we are not separate from another, so, when we uplift another, we uplift ourselves. Your divine path is unique to you and is incomparable. No one can do what you do the way that you do because you are you, and that is more than enough!

The conscious choice of choosing love over fear lies in the deep sense of awareness you have of yourself and your thoughts. When we immerse ourselves in stillness practices such as meditation, we are able to deepen our connection to self and heighten our self-awareness which allows us to begin to catch our thoughts in motion – when we do this, we take back control and can begin to make conscious choices on how we want to respond love…or…fear? The choice is yours.

The online course Farewell To Fear provides you with information, tools, and exercises to break down and dissect your fears (course includes fear cord-cutting meditation and a 30-day intention setting challenge). Questioning yourself is the first step in the awareness process to overcoming fear and empowering you into reclaiming control of your life. For more details click here.


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