The way of the Sacred Feminine

Are you hearing the call of the Feminine…

We are living in a time of great expansion and growth, more of us are hearing the inner call to reclaim our Sacred Feminine gifts, awakening to the beauty of your creativity, sensuality, and receptivity.

The Sacred Feminine has long been misunderstood, suppressed, and feared and it is time for collective healing to be spread amongst the masses to bring humanity back into a state of balance and unity, and you are a vital impactful part of this collective healing.

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Who is this course for?

the immersion

Consisting of a breakdown of 4 sessions we will be exploring, remembering, reclaiming, and reuniting the sacred feminine within our being. Reconnecting to your truest essence, radiate love, and beauty from within, embrace and nourish yourself as a sovereign being, a fully embodied sacred woman.

If you are desiring to invite more sensuality, deeper self-intimacy, and access to your innate flow of abundance I invite you to join the immersion and awaken the way of the Sacred Feminine. Together we will ignite your primal feminine energies to cultivate a life aligned with your inner truths, powered by aliveness, creativity, and love.

Throughout this 4-week immersion there will be sacred feminine teachings, master practices and integration homework to awaken your ability to break through outdated beliefs, self-sabotage, and cultural expectations to live with more passion, purpose, and power all in the Feminine way!

Course Cost & Details

Embodiment in the context of transformation, and within the paradigm of embodiment as a skill and a tool for growth, we can frame our terminology of ‘embodiment’ very simply to mean:

‘Inhabiting Self’
Inhabiting self is about allowing your most authentic and powerful version of you to occupy your body and being. Embodiment practices help heighten your sensitivity within the body to access your truest nature, your unique and divine essence that reconnects your mind-body-spirit connection.

There is 4 modules each with 2 hour long videos and additional integration reflection questions and practices. I suggest 4 weeks to complete based on 5-6 hours a week. However the choice is yours.

There is no payment plan option available for this course

Francesca Raffa - Feminine Freedom Healer

Francesca Raffa

Feminine Freedom healer

I guide women to awaken their passion, heal their past and transform their present.

I guide womben to awaken their passion, heal their past and transform their present.

I’m Francesca, a curious explorer, freedom lover and a deeply passionate soul here to be of divine service in contributing to the ascension of our beautiful planet, becoming the change we want to see in the world. And that change starts with you!

I believe that we all have a divine purpose for our incarnation, we all contain deep rooted lineages of wisdom held within every cell of our body and we all have a yearning for balance, wholeness & unconditional love.

Come with me on a journey, and let me guide you in discovering your inner wild to live authentically, fearlessly and free.