Hi My name is

Francesca Raffa

Feminine Freedom Healer...

The name ‘Francesca’ is a girls name of Italian origin meaning “Free One” and ‘Raffa’ derives from the Hebrew origin “Rephâ’êl” meaning “God who Heals” (Goddess who Heals, of course!). 

My name in this life time is a definition of who I currently am and what I am here to be apart of in the grand collective work I have been reincarnated to remember, learn & teach as a Feminine Freedom Healer.

As a multi-passionate being with a deep desire for continuous soul expansion, my journey has led me to exploring many different healing modalities. I weave together energy healing modalities derived from Reiki & Shamanic Traditions with Feminine Embodiment Coaching to bring a whole rounded, multi-dimensional approach to your transformational evolvement. 

As a claimed Feminine Freedom Healer I guide womben to awaken their undeveloped feminine, embody both their light and their dark to break free from limitations and deep rooted conditioning through intuitive body wisdom and energetic healing.

My credentials

CPTA – Counseling & Psychotherapy Academy:
Level 2 Certificate in Counseling Skills (17 cr.) and Level 3 Certificate in Counseling Studies (20 cr.)

Colour Therapy Diploma │Master Herbalist Diploma │Meditation Teacher Diploma

Reiki Usui Master / Teacher 

Reiki Seichem Master / Teacher 


Certified Shamanic Practioner Training – Earth Heart Shamanism

Certified Feminine Embodiment Coach – School of Embodied Arts

Certified Trauma-Informed Sensual Embodied Dance Facilitator – Sensual Somatics

living at a higher frequency

Living in a hyper masculine driven world it is easy to allow our inner masculine to override our inner feminine…our femininity has been suppressed for thousands of years since the ruling of patriarchy…but our Great Mother is calling us home, the rise in the divine feminine is spreading throughout our collective consciousness for balance and unity, raising the frequency of our entire planet! And both you and me dear one, are here living through this right now! Coincidence? I think not, we have work to do!

I believe there are limitations in just talk therapy alone, as energetic beings our truth is felt through and in the body, our wisdom revealed in energetic flow.

Your underdeveloped feminine is what keeps

you victimised, insecure and inauthentic.

Your developed feminine is at the heart of

living a passionate, free and more balanced life!

“We must visit the dark void to experience a living rebirth of light”

My mission

my purpose...

My journey

a story of awakening

I was born in Reading, UK and let me tell you, I was born ready! I was so eager to get out into the world that I shot out of my mothers womb and strangled myself on the umbilical cord. I was born dead…As traumatic as this event is, I wasn’t ready to leave this world so soon. It is known that our events at birth have a huge impact on our lives and mine definitely defines my ‘just go for it attitude’ wow, I was an outspoken wild child. I grew up in Italy and Portugal, attending 6 schools, living in 16 different homes and forever adapting – I was very used to change. So, when I decided to leave school at 16, it came at no surprise that I just wanted FREEDOM and to CREATE and to just LIVE LIFE! I went to a contemporary jewelry college and was in full creative expression! 

But…come 2012 my whole world changed…I was preparing to move to London alone to pursue my studies in Counseling & Psychotherapy (Being of service has always been a great passion of mine & my love language). I had never before lived in a city…I felt pressure pile on me, fear riddle through me and suddenly felt that I had to have it all together, I needed to know what I wanted to do, I needed to be doing it, I felt I no longer had a choice – I WAS LOST AND ALONE! 

Mind and body healing Francesca Raffa

mind + body disconnect

This resulted in physical ailments, I was ill all the time (specifically throat issues), I was on constant courses of antibiotics, desensitising with painkillers, I had an unexplainable, undiagnosable body rash for over a year leading to bruising my own body, on birth control for my severe menstrual pains that affected my mood and bloated me out and on top of this I was in an emotionally abusive relationship…I was directionless, numb, disconnected, disembodied and just feeding all my wounds with hopelessness…My life felt directed by pain with no motivation to know what I truly wanted, who I really was and where I was even heading…but was I good at masking all of this? You bet I was! So good I hid it from myself! I listened to the opinions of others and fell into what I should do, who I should be and where I should be heading. A real deer in the headlights allowing life to just happen to me.

detached + disembodied

Deep beneath all of this I knew there was more, I knew this was only temporary, but I was just waiting for my big epiphany whilst being overly consumed in my own low self-worth, learned codependency and undeserving beliefs. So, I lived life how I thought I was supposed to, allowing years to go by slowly losing touch with myself more and more, forgetting what lit me up and staying as busy as I could to distract myself from the internal misery. I was living in deep rooted fear and did not even know it…

But, I know I am not alone in my story and neither are you! I have connected with so many women that have gone through similar experiences, felt similar feelings and knew deep down they wanted more…they deserved more! And you do too! 


The day I chose to live from a place of ‘love’ back in 2019, was when I decided to rediscover my joy, immersing myself back into hobbies that welcomed self-expression…acting courses and art classes. I only needed a little taste of it to remind me that the way I was living was really not me at my core but instead an expected version of who I thought I should be. Shortly after I took a leap of faith and left my corporate job, with nothing other than a very vague vision and intention of me living a life in alignment with my true values, passions & gifts. I opened up my own tea company, Spiral Tea where I reconnected with nature, this was my blessed gateway into a continuous spiral journey of self-discovery, recovery, healing and being. 

She Awoke!

I opened myself to be guided by spirit and I was lead right to SHE! She being the Feminine, Yin, Shakti, Kali, Gaia…my inner goddess. The true wild woman! She spoke to me and I listened… I welcomed in more flow, reconnected with my body and pleasure through embodied movement and I began to learn how to love myself, trusting more in the universe and surrendering into my purpose, remembering the wholeness of my spirit & soul and now I am here to guide you.

Feminine Embodiment Coaching.

Re-wild with me... and you will never look back!

Reiki Healing Francesca Raffa

Why it matters

I spent enough time denying myself of my own truth, looking in the wrong directions, searching for answers outside of myself, when everything I needed was right here all along. I just needed to allow myself to trust, listen and surrender to my own divine guidance longing to come through me and this took RECONNECTION!

And I want the same for you!

When I see others in their unapologetic essence I am filled with the utmost joy, my heart opens wide, my hope in humanity heightens and I am reminded as to why I have chosen to contribute in guiding women to freedom in every way possible!

The world needs your authentic expression!

When I am guiding, transforming and empowering a fellow sister, I too receive guidance, transformation and empowerment.

My why though truly feels way beyond just me…it is for the entire future of humanity. When you embark on your own healing journey you do not just heal the ‘you’ in this lifetime but of the lifetimes before you and those that come after you!

My why is beyond just me…it is for our ancestors and for the future generations to come.

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Cancer (sun)
Capricorn (moon)
Taurus (rising)

Chinese zodiac

Earth Dog

Personality Trait

Infj: The Advocate

Love language

Acts of Service

erotic blueprint


I love to...

…Express myself through dance! I paint an etheric picture of my expression with my body.
Learn! I’m forever a student of life.
Create! Birth sacred events & rituals to connect, heal and be seen in sacred sisterhood.

“We must visit the dark void to experience a living rebirth of light”

Ready to re-wild with me?