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Embodied Awakening programme

A self-paced programme of Embodied Activation & Exploration. Containing 28 daily practices to awaken your mind-body connection, inner potentiality, deeper truths and insights.

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Your embodiment journey starts right here…

If you are looking to:

Cultivate a deeper connection and relationship with your mind-body

• Enhance your awareness, intuition & self-trust

• Shift stagnant energy held within the body

• Liberate your emotional expression

• Raise your personal vibration

• Unlock wisdom, insight and deeper truths

• Cultivate self-love, compassion & forgiveness

• Awaken & Honour the Sacred Feminine within

• Discover the qualities of your multi-faceted self

Then this self-paced programme is for you!

Programme break down:

Week 1

Body & Breath

The first week will be teachings of guided movement and breathwork techniques that can be used as a guideline and refer back to for the following weeks.

Week 2


This second week is themed around awakening the qualities of the sacred feminine within, our cyclical nature and the art of receiving, trusting and surrendering to the flow.

Week 3

Feminine Archetypes

The third week is exploring your own multi-faceted expression through embodying the feminine archetypes. Harnessing each of the positive qualities they possess for your own benefit in your life, situations, circumstances and relationships.

Week 4

Deeper Wisdom

The fourth week is a combination of deeper wisdom opening a wider perspective of knowledge dancing the journey of the goddess, dancing our worlds polarities, an ancestral ritual and embodiment honouring to feel, sense and be guided by their support and wisdom and finally a journey into embodying the elements to harness their qualities for our own benefit and a more balanced life.

The art of movement...

Embodiment sees body and mind as intimately connected in being able to shift stagnant energy through the body using directed intent and intuitive movement as well as activate and re-imprint new beliefs to enliven and magnetise. Through embodiment work you will fall in love with movement, you are not pushing your body beyond its boundaries but instead listening and letting it be the guide for your own healing and insights. 

The Way of the Sacred Feminine Course - Energy Healer
Francesca Raffa Feminine Healer

Mind + body connection​

The feminine way is through the body, she feels, senses and knows, her body is her guide in which her intuition is made known. By deepening your connection with your own body you  amplify your awareness, intuition, self-trust whilst awakening and honoring the sacred feminine within.

A journey designed for you

This programme is designed to take you on a journey of self-exploration for 28 days with daily guided practices that I personally use in my day to day in which will deepen your connection with yourself, awaken you to your inner truths, wisdom and multi-faceted expression as an integral whole.

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The Finer Details

This programme is carefully designed to include educational insight where required offering basic teachings around the chakras, sacred menstrual/moon cycle, feminine archetypes, the 4 elements and self-discovering your feminine way through embodying her qualities.

Although this course is sequenced in a 28 day programme these practices can be done long after the completion of the programme and can be chosen as individual practices when you feel necessary or called to do them.

Embodiment in the context of transformation, and within the paradigm of embodiment as a skill and a tool for growth, we can frame our terminology of ‘embodiment’ very simply to mean:

‘Inhabiting Self’
Inhabiting self is about allowing your most authentic and powerful version of you to occupy your body and being. Embodiment practices help heighten your sensitivity within the body to access your truest nature, your unique and divine essence that reconnects your mind-body-spirit connection.

There is a payment plan available of x2 instalments of £111 please contact me to set this up.