How to Cultivate Inner Freedom

Freedom, a state we all want but yet forget at our core already are. 

‘Free’ as an adjective describes one’s desired state of being…and it can only ever be felt through feeling and we can only feel through being. 

‘Being’ is one of the beautiful qualities of the Feminine and it is in this state where healing & transformation begins to take form. 

What we are taught about freedom in society is to have a tunneled focus on external factors; what we have, what we do, have that ‘successful’ job, beautiful home, luxury car, ‘perfect’ family…but what we don’t get taught is that even with all of the long list of external ‘haves’ there is still a very important and vital piece missing and that’s our inner freedom. 

The problem we face with a sole focus on the external is that there is a complete imbalance and neglect of what is happening internally. The two go hand in hand the external (masculine) and the internal (feminine) a conjoined union that makes us whole. Without a connection to our internal world or external world feels inauthentic, unfulfilling, and never enough. 

So, true freedom is not something we get to buy or get given, it is something we cultivate from within. It is a state to be, knowing that we have the freedom to choose and the freedom to change. 

At our core, we are multifaceted, multidimensional beings that truly know no bounds. It’s the attachment to identity, roles, judgments, past experiences, and trauma that keeps us bound. For us to live a life of inner freedom we must be willing to enter into a process of delayering, to unravel and unlearn in order to reframe and rebuild. 

3 ways to cultivate inner freedom:

  1. Prioritise Self-Intimacy

Get to know yourself on all levels, and start asking yourself deeper questions about why it is you do what you do. Allow your curiosity to liberate you from the ‘should dos’ ‘must dos’ ‘have tos’ and ‘supposed tos’ as these derive from past experiences and from external factors and beliefs that are often not in alignment with your core truth. 

Know that it takes time to build a relationship with yourself, especially when we never get taught how to. It is not something that you necessarily do, but it is more of a process that does you over time through your consistent commitment to self. This can look like taking time out of your day to be in solitude, to journal, and to date yourself. Recognise the spectrum of emotions that flow through you from anger to love, to pain to joy. By getting comfortable with the uncomfortable you become intimate with your inner world, and your feelings and make sense of your patterns, behaviours, and actions. From that space of awareness, you recognise you have the power to make a different choice. 

  1. Live in the Present Moment

When we think about the past and worry about the future we miss out on peace and freedom in the present. This also means focusing your thoughts on what is here right now, on all that you do have rather than that which you don’t. 

“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.” ~James Thurber

Whenever you are aware of your thoughts wandering, thinking about the past or imagining scenarios of the future, bring yourself back to the present. You can do this by anchoring yourself with your breath. Take a moment to close down the eyes, go inward and take deep breaths all the way down into your belly, in through the nose, and out through the mouth and recite ‘I am present’ out loud or in your mind. 

Most of us know may even know the necessity of this practice in our mind but because of its simplicity of it, we often overlook it and get caught up in the auto-response that we forget its importance. The key is not to forget…the more you make this a habit the more it becomes a natural state of being. 

  1. Practice Acceptance and Forgiveness

Freedom within your inner world requires acceptance to counteract resistance. This means becoming accountable and accepting your past and your truths without labeling what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but instead for exactly as they are. 

There is a process to embodying acceptance; you first must acknowledge and consider the experience and what/how has it affected you. Through this awareness you accept that what is done is done, you can not change the past and if you choose to hold onto it you only induce further suffering. The process to let go is to forgive; forgiving yourself and/or others for what’s been done does not condone behaviour but it does allow you to consciously let go of any feelings of resentment, anger, and blame and move on with acceptance. You take what you learned and implement your expanded awareness in experiences going forward.

Freedom is a path that we get to choose to walk…its the path that leads you home to self, this journey that is often referred to as ‘your calling’ which is your soul calling to return in wholeness, balance and heart. It is your calling that we make a commitment to in my membership ‘The Calling’ for soulful wild womben to gather together, remember together, journey together and delayer deep wounds and conditionings to break free! 

Together we heal. Together we rise!

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