Summer Solstice Ritual : Flower Mandala

Summer Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) is on June 20th and it is a time of great celebration. Shamans throughout the world see the solstice as an especially sacred time where the veils between the worlds are diminished due to the powerful radiating energy of the sun.  As it marks the midpoint of the year […]

Energy Update for June 2023

Last month came to a close with what felt to be an explosive expansion of trust, faith and love that will only continue to unravel throughout this new month of June.  This month carries a steady high frequency, where you can start to see some of your dreams come into the physical world that have […]

Embrace and Embody Womanhood 

Francesca Raffa – Feminine Freedom Healer – offers a transformative journey for those who find themselves stuck, powerless, and disconnected. If you yearn for more in life, a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment, but feel trapped in the limitations of your current circumstances, Francesca will guide you towards reclaiming your power and reconnecting with your authentic self. MysticMag has […]

What you Need to Know about Emotional Regulation

Our emotions have a powerful influence on our lives that give us the ability to feel and experience the world. It is our emotions that truly make us human, ‘e-motion’ stands for energy in motion and energy is what everything in this world, including us, is made of.  Our body is constantly moving through cycles […]

How to Cultivate Inner Freedom

Freedom, a state we all want but yet forget at our core already are.  ‘Free’ as an adjective describes one’s desired state of being…and it can only ever be felt through feeling and we can only feel through being.  ‘Being’ is one of the beautiful qualities of the Feminine and it is in this state […]

The Future of Medicine is Energy

To understand energy medicine, we must first understand the basic principles of energy itself; “Everything is energy, and therefore, everything is because of energy.” (Serge Benhayon, 1999). Science and quantum physicists show that energy is in the building block of all matter, so this means your physical body, your house, the trees and the device […]