Last month came to a close with what felt to be an explosive expansion of trust, faith and love that will only continue to unravel throughout this new month of June. 

This month carries a steady high frequency, where you can start to see some of your dreams come into the physical world that have so deeply been forming energetically. Your responsibility in your humanness though is to take action by doing what is ‘right’ by you (knowing that may mean not being in alignment with those around you) this will require regular check-ins with yourself in aligning with your truth and your new formed beliefs. If your beliefs aren’t fully clear to you as of yet make this your direct focus, what new beliefs have you awoken to and are ready to fully embody? What support is needed for you to assist in the integration of new energy (I’m offering 1:1 Embodied Activation Sessions that can guide you through accessing and gaining clarity on your new beliefs and ground them into the body – book in your session here!

Our beliefs reside in the solar plexus chakra (located in the centre of our stomach) and you can expect this centre to feel particularly challenged this month. Your ego and attachment to identity will want to hold onto the old as a form of protection in keeping you safe and you may well feel this strong contraction, but the invitation is to stay rooted in trust keeping the ego balanced (soothed even) and move forward in aligning with your new beliefs and finding ways to express them in being a voice for change that supports the greater whole, remembering that the change you want to see in the world starts with the change you cultivate within yourself. 

With all the attention in on the solar plexus centre this month it also means that you may feel you have more strength and motivation to get out there and do exactly what you need to do with an open heart this month gives room for spiritual alignment, like the spider spinning its web weaving your desires into being. 

I guided a powerful Solar Plexus clearing and channeled activation session for the members inside The Calling. This activation along with a library of embodiment practices and resources will really assist in helping you ground whenever you feel that challenging contraction happening within you that can feel like a heavy internal battle. Join the sisterhood community here to watch the replay!

Monthly Reflection questions:

  1. What new beliefs am I ready to embody?
  2. Am I really who I say I am or am I still hiding from something?
  3. Where am I disconnecting or dissociating from myself, what triggers this?
  4. What helps your body be in a space of alignment and how can I commit to these practices (eg. yoga, exercise, morning practice)?

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