Summer Solstice Ritual : Flower Mandala

Summer Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) is on June 20th and it is a time of great celebration. Shamans throughout the world see the solstice as an especially sacred time where the veils between the worlds are diminished due to the powerful radiating energy of the sun. 

As it marks the midpoint of the year it is also a time of reflection, journeying and dreaming. When we look back at the path once walked that has got us to arrive at this moment in time, we hold reverence for all that we moved through and dream into the visions of the onward journey.

A beautiful way to honour and celebrate yourself and the changing of the seasons is in ceremony and ritual. I strongly encourage you to make a mandala as an offering. Mandalas represent the psychological expression of the totality of the self, representing wholeness within one self as a part of the greater whole. 

Summer Solstice Ritual Flower Mandala:

Set aside at least 60 minutes for this practice

Your mandala must have a center point (point of creation) and at least 2 circular tiers (inner tier represents your individual wholeness and the outer tier representing the greater whole).

  1. Head out to a sacred spot in nature that you know of filled with wild flowers, perhaps a meadow, park or even your garden and bring a basket or bag that you can collect flowers, twigs, stones etc in for creating the mandala
  2. As you arrive in the space take a moment to ground into the land, have your feet hip width distance firmly pressed on the earth (invitation to do this bare foot  if comfortable for you) and lift your arms over head as you the welcoming of the new season and the light of the sun that is beaming down on you empowering and uplifting you in your wholeness. You can recite a few words here or a prayer such as: ‘May the light of the sun bless the light within me to radiate and shine brightly in all that I am and came here to be’ 
  3. Begin your walking meditation 15-20 minutes take time here as you walk reflecting on your past 6 months seeing what events come to mind, what desires you had once desired and have fulfilled, letting yourself flow as you hold the intention of reflection throughout the walk
  4. During the walk you collect organic materials for your mandala, such as flowers, stones, twigs, leaves or whatever you find on your path. They do not have to match or be of any particular theme just notice what you are drawn to collecting (if you are going to take from the branches please ensure there is an abundance of that plant and ask permission as you do so).
  5. With all your items gathered, feel into a place where you are to build and create this mandala on the ground.
  6. This mandala is meant to be a reflection of your whole being on this celestial day. You can choose to define your whole as one piece of you, your entire self, community, country or world.
  7. As you are creating the mandala by placing the different items do so with respect, do so with intention of what the whole is representing and infusing each item as you do so with gratitude and holding your new life vision to embark on 
  8. Once you’ve finished making your mandala, take a moment to stretch your body and sit with a straight spine in front of your mandala spending a few minutes here in contemplation and feel the flow of abundance that is here for you this season and then close the practice by placing hand on heart and reciting ‘And so it is, and so it is, and so it is, thank you, thank you, thank you.’

    Solstice Blessings!

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