The way of the Sacred Feminine

The way of the Sacred Feminine | Feminine Energy Course


We are living in a time of great expansion and growth, more of us are hearing the inner call to reclaim our Sacred Feminine gifts, awakening to the beauty of your creativity, sensuality, and receptivity.

The Sacred Feminine has long been misunderstood, suppressed, and feared and it is time for collective healing to be spread amongst the masses to bring humanity back into a state of balance and unity, and you are a vital impactful part of this collective healing.

Who is this course for?

  • You have a deep cellular yearning to reconnect but not even sure what that means or feels like?
  • You have need to reclaim your reverence and power as a womxn?
  • You’re longing to align back with the cyclic rhythm of life in tune with nature and the cosmos?
  • You Feel the pull to explore your sacred sensuality & sexuality as a powerful force for aliveness and creation?
  • You have a wanting to unleash your fullest expression in all areas of your life?
  • You’re curious to work with the wisdom of your womb for potent alchemy?
  • You’re looking for how you can become a conscious creatrix of your life?
  • You are so ready to break the patterns of the past, unshackle the patriarchal conditioning held deep within our womb, heart and body?
  • A wanting to reclaim pleasure as your birthright?
  • You’re tired of feeling and carrying shame and guilt from your ancestral lineage that is burdening you in this lifetime to step up to heal?

Consisting of a breakdown of 4 sessions we will be exploring, remembering, reclaiming, and reuniting the sacred feminine within our being. Reconnecting to your truest essence, radiate love, and beauty from within, embrace and nourish yourself as a sovereign being, a fully embodied sacred woman.

Module 1: The History & Reconnection
Module 2: The Activation & Sensual Expression
Module 3: Dark Feminine & Shadow Work
Module 4: Feminine Archetypes and the Triple Goddess

Throughout this 4-moduled immersion there will be sacred feminine teachings, master practices and integration homework to awaken your ability to break through outdated beliefs, self-sabotage, and cultural expectations to live with more passion, purpose, and power all in the Feminine way!

What’s included:

  • x 4 Modules of 2-hour-long videos
  • Integration reflection questions and practices for each module


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