Lions Gate Portal Embodied Meditation & Light Code Activation

A 45 min. guided healing transmission and light code activation for Lions Gate Portal 8/8

The opportunity to step into a higher timeline is here, the Lions Gate Portal is one of the most powerful times of year for manifestation work and for heart healing.

We are in the midst of the portal (28th July-12th August) so you may already be feeling the surge and full wipe out which means shadows surfacing and a light shining on what you must let go of and release.

Releasing should not be seen as a sacrifice instead as an offering. Letting go of energy that is keeping you bound to the pain of old timelines to be transmuted back into light where you can step into new and higher timelines where your passions and desires can manifest.

There is a particular theme this year with the influence of the planet Venus in retrograde, the planet of love. We may feel old relationship wounds arising, where we deem ourselves unworthy of love and highlight patterns we’ve been playing in love.

The 8th of August is the most potent day for manifestation work, to get clear and visualise yourself in your highest timeline right here in the now.

I was guided to record a transmission for the Lions Gate Portal in the early hours of the morning during the dawning sun.

A 45 minute guided healing transmission and light code activation for you to bathe in and harness the energies of this potent day 8/8 and manifest of course.

I take you through a process of bathing in the golden energy of Sirian star whilst clearing debris of old timelines within the heart and take you through the portal into the you in a higher timeline as you visualize that which you are manifesting in the here and now.

Available to purchase for only £8.88 and to be listened to and received on the 8th of August at either 8am, 5pm or 8pm.


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